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Then, turn it right side out, and slip stitch the opening closed, by hand...

  :o)...it's easy, and fun to do...a good project to take with you!


Similar, but not as puffy, and no lining needed!

In pillow quilting, little  pillows are made, by joining two equal sized squares, right sides together, leaving a space open to turn each right side out (about 4" squares are traditional and using different calicoes on the back squares will give you a reversible quilt!)

After turning each pillow right side out, stuff lightly with the filler of your choice, cotton or polyester, and slip stitch the openings closed...

The squares are then joined by butting them up next to each other and slip stitching by hand, or by machine set on a fine zigzag stitch! Neon green thread not recommended unless that is the color of your quilt! :o)
And  there are two new techniques for you! This style of quilting is a lot of fun, and a nice way for youngsters to learn to quilt too! Little hands are great for stuffing all those small squares!

Happy Quilting!!!... Marcia :o)

Here're some that Barb made!    and Rosalyn's Quilt A  Quilt B  Quilt C!


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Nov 1999 Marcia Hohn

pattern from http://www.quilterscache.com

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