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Jan 16, 2017



   Glad to report our Huge Success! We actually took down and put away all the Christmas STUFF...and IT ISN'T EVEN FEBRUARY YET!  I'm so proud, I am fairly beaming!  Now the house looks naked...hmmmm

   There's a pot of simmering Split Pea Soup on for tonight, with ham, of course, and cornbread on the side. What the heck? Didn't I just say last week that we trying to LowER carb??  Okay. Yes I did, and so far, we have most, um many,  well some days this week avoided sugar, bread, potato and pasta. We are doing this GRADUALLY...right?

   I did try one recipe this week that was so delicious! Loaded Cauliflower, from lowcarbmaven. {No way did that recipe make 6 servings though, unless a person hated cauliflower so only took a teaspoon. LOL!} Instead it was So delicious that we finished it right up! Try it! You'll like it!

Here's a quilt that caught my eye this week. The pattern is called Hillside Houses, and it's sold by Pretty Little Quilts  I don't know who made the quilt at left...but isn't it wonderful?! What is it reminding me of? Greece? Denmark?  I just love all the color!
...and check out this wonderful runner! It's called My Patriotic Table Runner, from Fon's and Porter...pattern available HERE!  I especially love this, as I have a very long dining room table and it would be so easy to just make this one longer!(20" x 44" as it is)

   This week, on Friday, it's Kristen-the-youngest's birthday. It never fails to take me back. 1986. Sitting at my kitchen table in Germany, waiting for my friend Dorothy Vorst to get there. She came to the house and stayed with Kate, while Dale and I visited Landstuhl Regional Medical Center . Thanks Dorothy! Thanks, folks in Landstuhl! A fine time was had by all, and we've never regretted it :o)

   All for this time I guess, on to a new week and new possibilities!

Happy Quilting All!

Marcia :o)

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