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Dec 4, 2017



* Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!*

...and a very happy December to each of you!

   Let's see...Where did I last leave off? We were dieting, I mean eating more healthily! That ended. We'll revisit that after the holidays! I had been canning and freezing, and that is also all set for now, with the freezer and cupboards full of tasty treats for all through the year. My "need a new plan" for traveling to Germany isn't figured out yet, but I am still holding it in my heart!...and now...

   ...and Kate and her clan are coming home for Christmas this year! I'm super excited! We'll have our traditional family gathering on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day is celebrated very simply here at home. Isn't it funny the things that are the most meaningful to us? Funny and wonderful! Whatever you have planned, for one or for many, I hope it is a day of peace in your heart!

If you are still wanting to whip up some last minute gifts...here's a fun idea from the blog Feathering my Nest

What a great idea! Looking at the process  of construction on her page, I'd say to be sure to remember ample seam allowance space when tracing your hand...those got quite a bit narrower after sewing!

I found this one on Pinterest. (blog Happy in Quilting) There's no pattern with it, but none needed! This looks quick and easy, and what a fun way to showcase bits of those Christmas prints!

That would look smashing running down the dining room table with some greenery and pinecones and candles!

Today it is PARTY MIX day at my house!...the real Kick-off of the Season! {I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator lately ...didn't used to be.} Let it suffice to say that once I get STARTED on the holiday things, I need to STICK WITH IT!  "Real Original" Chex Mix recipe here! (1950's!) Do you add more to yours?  I add Cheese Crackers, because I love them so--but oh the guilt-LOL!

Daughter Kate and I have been discussing the inevitable..."blah" of the house after the holiday decorations come down. Suddenly everything seems too stark!  Do you decorate for AFTER the holidays? Are there special things you do to keep the house feeling comfy and special during Winter?  I've started amassing ideas with a new Pinterest Board that I'm calling Christmas to Winter  What do you think? Ideas? Email me!

The image at left is one that struck me as a thing you could keep up all winter long! (from the blog At Home with K  Agree that it could be season-long?

   Yesterday, I actually stepped into the sewing room with the intent of working on something for the first time since coming home from camp...and AS IT ALWAYS IS...it was awesome! Daughter Kristen was over here with Little Alex for an assist with making curtains for Alex's room. Truly, she doesn't need an assist; she's more than capable at a sewing machine. But I'm glad she lets me pretend to help! We had Christmas music on; Alex helped by taking the pins out as she came to them and putting them careful into the pincushion; I just basked in the glow of being in the sewing room. Isn't it SO fun sewing with others?! It warms the cockles of my heart :o)

...and now, warm cockles and all, I am headed out to the kitchen to attempt making some Chicken Croquettes  ...wish me luck!

Have a Great Week All!   

Marcia :o)

" Don't get your tinsel in a tangle. "






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