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May 7, 2018



   Well Happy Birthday to Me Day came and went and it was just a marvelous day! I love my birthday!  Maybe that's strange, I dunno...but I do! I feel special all day, regardless of how the day plays out!  In this case,  I decided what I most felt like having for dinner ...I wanted to try to make Giant Meatballs (akin to the ones served at a favorite, yet sadly now closed, restaurant in Portland Maine, The Village Cafe)...so...onward and upward, I shopped for ingredients, made THESE ...and then a batch of my basically 1980's Spaghetti Sauce (with added peppers, onions and meatballs) It came out wonderfully, served up with some homemade garlic-butter rolls!...and it was Good To Be me!

   [...and THAT reminds me that I always hear people...well often...that it "isn't worth the effort "to make such and such a meal" for just one person. I couldn't disagree more!  A tasty healthy meal is just the same for one or ten!  We are ALL worth it!]

   On Saturday we took a chance that the camp road might now be drive-able, and YES! we were able to drive right down! I planned then to go down on Sunday and put the water in before black flies descend on us. Sunday had other plans though, and was gloomy and overcast. Maybe next weekend for the water-chore!...and the raking, as ticks LOVE leaf litter, that has got to go before I want to be running around there in shorts and flip-flops! (and even at that...remember DEET on exposed skin, and Permethrin on clothing!)

    Back to quilting! Happy to say that I got 6 or 8 more blocks done this week!...yeah it could've been more...but it wasn't.  The weather's getting nice and I am distracted by it. That's my story...<grin>  Honestly...2 weeks ago we had snow and ice, and now everything is lush green! The trees are in Bud! Flowers are Blooming! It's like a different world!

For any of you who veggie garden...I have a question! Perhaps you will remember that last year, for the first time ever, my tomatoes were decimated by Tomato Hornworms.  We have gotten rid of the soil we used. Are they likely to come back again this year?  Anything I could do to prevent it, short of hiring a squad of lizards to live in my planter?


Oh I love this Pineapple block found on Pinterest!  It looks to be 8 x 14 maybe? Just right for the side of a placemat?  Or as an off-center vertical row in a yellow strip quilt?  A Welcome-to-your-new-home small wall quilt?

This is from a blog called Stash Bee, and you can find her pattern here:

They look to have been online as a blog for quite a while, and there are MANY blocks on the site!

This wonderful sunfish wallpaper (well "I" think it's wonderful! LOL) was one I did years ago on my old Camp web pages. Those pages are no longer online, but I did keep the fish! Naturally in the Spring, a girl's heart moves to thoughts of fishing, right? (and please please let me catch something OTHER THAN sun fish!)  Man....wouldn't a nice perch fry be awesome right about now! okay now I am hungry...

Have a Great Week All!   

Marcia :o)

" If we had no Winter, the Spring would not be so pleasant"  Anne Bradstreet






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