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May 15, 2017



Hi Ho...Happy New week, all!

   Here are the God's Eye blocks , as taken earlier this week, {I haven't yet rearranged the German grouping, so pardon that Golden Eye for now} See the problem here?? (and keeping in mind there are also 4 rows up above that you cant see)...Yes! The blocks, at only 10 across have ALREADY gotten too big for the small design wall I freed up by completing the Wonky Pound Sign top...ARGHHH! 
   So yeah...remember this OTHER partially done quilt from 2012? That one is still hanging out on the LARGE design wall in the upstairs hall. No shame here I guess... I am just baring my slovenly self for all to see! So this week I started sewing the frames around the remaining blocks, the bottom three rows. Then I can sew THAT top together so I can re-hang all the God's Eye's out there! Why does one job always beget another?

Ultimately the God's Eye top will be 15 x 16 rows, then pieced borders. In theory, this is going to be the last "other quilt" that interrupts my progress! Don't quote me on that!

At this point I have 95 God's Eye's done. 145 more still to go, and my scrap bins are getting boring, so I am cutting from my stash to change it up a bit. Love this about scrap quilts-- Anything Goes!

   I'm pleased to report that daughter Katie is doing very well, now 10 days out from her surgery. She's able to get around some using a knee cart  sometimes, and crutches for other things. {I've never actually seen this knee cart rig, but will when Kristen and Alex and I go visit on the 30th} I gather that lying around is getting VERY BORING, already, which was to be expected. The pain is manageable so far, and she has decreased the meds for that. I personally will feel better after I have seen her with my own eyes!  I so wish they lived closer...not the first time I have felt THAT!

   Guess where Kris and Alex and I went this week? Yes! We drove in to camp for the first time! The road is still a tad soft, but we made it! Joe and I also took a trip down a couple days later to actually check INSIDE the camp to see how it fared the winter. Squirrels had a field day in there, it looks like, knocking many things over, and leaving a conservative ton of acorn shells for me to clean up. That's no biggie. The building is still standing, and that is always a concern! Between the time Kris and I went, and my next trip...surprise...BLACKFLIES are here! Unbelievable black-sky swarms of the things! UCK! So, it's nice that I am not planning on moving down for a few weeks as it would be MOST unpleasant to stand out in that swarm for the hours it takes to get the water in and the pump primed and working. I can wait a while! Those damned blackflies will seriously eat you alive and carry off the body!

   Today is day 15 of Whole30! This is what this week is looking like for supper-roughly!

Monday 8 :Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots

Tuesday 9: Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Sliced Tomatoes and Cukes

Wednesday 10: Chili, Side Salad

Thursday 11:Steak, Fried (Cauliflower) Rice, Sauteed Spinach

Friday 12:Taco Salad w salsa and guacamole

Saturday 13:BBQ Chicken Thighs, Baked Sweet Potato, Broccoli w Ranch

Sunday 14: Bunless Burgers, Homemade Potato Wedges, Cabbage Slaw

This past weekend we tried a YUMMY Breakfast Bowl, made of sliced bananas, pecans, freshly grated coconut, cinnamon and coconut milk...it was seriously good! It made a nice break from the previous breakfasts that adhere more closely to this meal guide template We are continuing to feel increasingly well, and seeing many non-scale benefits! Remembering that this isn't about "weight-loss", though that is sometimes an additional benefit, I am feeling as though I am losing some. :o)   A-okay by me!

   Company is coming tomorrow, so guess I need to get off this house and clean house a bit! My house seems to have Golden Retriever written all over it! LOL!

Have a Great Quilting Week All!

Marcia :o)

" All things are difficult before they are easy." Dr.Thomas Fuller






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