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June 19, 2017




   Alex is here visiting!, and yes, in honor of that visit, I did make today's wallpaper from a photo of her Mac & Cheese! LOL! We took a nice walk, threw rocks in the 'ocean", found a lovely stinky dead fish skeleton, did some beginning French lessons,  discovered a gathering of butterflies, puddling at a house building site, sent an email to Mommy, watered all the veggies and flowers, had some serious car-races, watched a million cartoons of questionable value and now we are hovered inside by the AC a while--it's HOT HOT HOT outside! 

   I "think" I have gathered up many of the things I had forgotten in town, yet despite that, I spent much of the week hitting the stores for this occasion and that and didn't get any piecing done!  I am READY though! (scraps bins are under the towel or they would fade terribly on the porch!)


  SO...the on going News-Post Whole 30 eating test... First off, the program being a Nutritional Reset, and not being about weight loss, both Joe and I were still happy that we did shed some pounds, and even better than that, dropped SIZES. That's a nice plus! During the reintroduction phase we found no one thing causing side effects...AND YET, in the days since, with somewhat of a return to eating "normal" foods...we both feel some return of joint pain, allergies, bloatiness and sugar cravings. [So. What to do... I guess we both KNOW what we need to do-return to eating only healthy food. {The thing, as always, is :::actually doing it:::} I am quite sure "in my gut feelings", that it is sugar and grains causing issues. We'll see.] If anyone is interested in a quick overview of Whole30...read up here!  If you decide to jump in, I REALLY recommend that you get the book, and read it, so you fully understand what you need to do and why BEFORE you start!...this book is great as well...more about the science..."It Starts with Food "

   All this going down some sizes raised a different issue...JEANS. I have been and still am on a SEARCH, for NORMAL JEANS! The kids think I am bonkers to even hope...but none the less...here's what I am looking for: Women's Jeans--real denim, like 1970's plain old heavy denim, Sit AT the normal waist, not below. Waistband NOT cut on the bias. Straight leg...NOT RELAXED waist and thigh. NO flipping sequin/shiny/foolish PATTERN on the back pockets...NOT STRETCH JEANS. Not "distressed" to look all faded in the thighs and seat...nor GRUNGY nor MUDDY looking. NOT ripped up.   JUST NORMAL JEANS! Size 18 LONG...potentially 16 long, but lets not plan on those fitting just yet.  Has anyone a source for these? 

  Now then...I am a day late as it is so just going to finish this up and say goodnight!

In the dog pen? yes indeed!  But she crated herself, honest!

You have a Great Quilting Week All!

Marcia :o)

" If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of non conformity"  

Bill Vaughan





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