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May 7, 2019



Well Hello, and Happy Spring AT LAST!


   The daffodils popped through and opened even before the Spring raking happened! I'm glad I noticed them out there before they went by! Optimistic little things, aren't they! I also have ONE tulip in bloom, two dandelions, and the forsythia are in bloom! I gravitate more to planting veggies, but oh I do love seeing flowers blooming!

   So...I haven't written a  letter since DECEMBER! What on Earth!?! Time just zooms by on me! Ah, but I haven't been idle! For the past few months I have been gradually catching up with some work on the web site! Truly, I have been all kinds of excited that I  AM ABLE to do things like this again, as for the longest time, thanks to the dreaded Lyme, I just couldn't concentrate/focus/motivate/comprehend. So three cheers for me that one day I just said...you know, I think I can do this now!....and I CAN! Long story short I have been a busy little beaver, uploading literally YEARS worth of photographs each to their respective pattern pages, as well as making changes to page formats, which probably no one will ever notice, but me! 

  ...and THEN,  we wound up having to switch the site over to a new server, still with the same company, thankfully, so it wasn't too difficult a swap! We have been exceptionally lucky and the site has stayed on the same server for ten years!  {and "I" have been lucky that Joe takes care of the techy end of things for me!} So, because this switchover came in the middle of my momentous project of getting overdue things uploaded to the site, THAT task came to a temporary screeching halt for a bit. Life is like that, isn't it! Two Steps forward, one step back...<grin>   Back on that project soon, I hope!

   Last week was the momentous occasion of my 65th birthday. WOW. Seems crazy! I used to be YOUNG! Something happened! LOL!  I had a wonderful day though! In the morning Joe and I and my youngest Kristen, and her DH, Troy, all went to granddaughter Alex's first T-ball game of the season. SO fun watching those little ones! After that we all drove over to a pizza place near camp for a bodacious big lunch, and after that we all walked in to camp! I'm pleased to note that the place is still standing...just a bit more creaky and crooked than last year :) We walked back out, and I have to say that walking UP hill is so much harder than down!  That night Joe and I went to dinner with friends Diane & Paul...it was Diane's birthday too.  Fun day all around!

   and on that note, I'll close for today and go do something to boost my spirits a bit!

Have a Great Quilting Week All! 

Marcia :o)

" Art, Like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere." G.K.Chesterton






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