Quickie Baby Quilt - Page 3

Now position the right-most column over the center column and stitch through all layers as before, again securing the stitching at beginning and end of seam. Open this out also. Press and pin down...
Now place 4-1/2" x 46-1/2" border strip right sides together along the top and bottom of the quilt. Stitch each through all layers, again securing the stitching at the ends. Open these out and press...


If you like, you can now add some rows of horizontal stitching to outline the squares. Then baste around the edges, within the 1/4" seam allowance so basting won't show or need to be removed after adding binding. Using a rotary cutter and ruler, trim off the excess batting and backing, leaving 1/4". Now you can bind it as desired, and this quilt is finished!

Happy Quilting!...Marcia :o) 

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Oct 22 2004 Marcia Hohn


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