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That means your finished strip set = 8 long", so first divide 81" by 8 = 10.125...round that UP to 11 strips. You want an uneven number of column strips so you can start and end with a strip set column! Your finished quilt will be 88" wide. You can adjust that size by making the solid colored column strips slightly wider or narrower.  To find how many strip sets you need to make for the LENGTH of the quilt, divide the length figure you are aiming for, by the finished width of the strip 88" by 2" = 44 strip sets per column....


After you have made enough strip sets for the length you want, sew those together with the same length solid colored strips in between to make the quilt!

Happy Quilting!

Marcia :o)

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 Nov 30 2004 Marcia Hohn

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