One person suggests this...if you are in an area where the medical community is less-than-willing to treat Lyme...

If you get a tick bite and within a few days start to get sick... this is IMPORTANT.. so remember it please.

Go to a doctor and tell them you were bitten... save tick if you can and take it with you... and the first words out of your mouth should NOT be Lyme... but should be ....


Forget the fight and arguments... don't even mention Lyme.

Jump up and down singing Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever!


1. RMSF usually hits faster and harder than Lyme symptoms.

2. They have an obligation to treat RMSF immediately if it is even suspected. If YOU suspect it is a possibility and tell them so..... and they ignore you... they are in BIG trouble.

3. The treatment for RMSF is doxycycline.... same for Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, Bartonella, etc.

4. If they test you for RMSF that soon... just like Lyme... the test would be negative. And they are not allowed to wait for test results to treat it.... as RMSF can kill.

5. The CDC, NIH and all governemnt agencies say to treat immediately if RMSF is even suspected. So does Yale, Hopkins, Hold-the-Mayo and all other places literature.

6. The US Department of Army in Aberdeen, Maryland just discovered a new strain of the same organism that causes RMSF. It is not able to be picked up on tests.


What are you going to say when going to the doctors office?


Got it? Good!